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OK guys. This moment does not have enough love. In fact, it has some unfortunate anti-love that I aim to resolve here.

Yes, this episode heavily references Girl in the Fireplace. And yes, that episode is pretty much the most anti-shippy thing to happen in canon for Doctor/Rose.


Twelve can’t remember Clara’s name at first. Nor Vastra nor Jenny nor Strax. He leaves Clara in danger and he won’t even give her the screwdriver. He does questionable things—he’s darker, I get that.

But even so, and even though he’s trying to figure things out with the bad guy, and does not have all his memories intact (‘Handles’? Really, Doctor??) he CANNOT leave the bunch of roses on the floor.

The bunch of yellow roses—yellow which signifies remembrance. There are centuries-old ballads (‘Round Her Neck She Wears a Yeller Ribbon’) and old movies (‘She Wore a Yellow Ribbon’) and folk songs (‘Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree’) all about yellow being the color of remembrance—specifically in all these pop-culture cases, remembrance of a lost love.

And as he’s struggling to remember why droids harvesting parts rings a bell with him, does he look at the droid? No. Does he have flashbacks to women making double entendres with cleavage spilling out? No. (And the eventual reference to MdP is blah blah bland). But what does he do? He twirls the roses and holds them just a little bit closer. This is so reminiscent of the Journal of Impossible Things, where even as a human Ten can’t remember the name of the TARDIS, or the sonic screwdriver—but he keeps drawing roses in his journal and hers is the only face he can canonically put a name to.

Moffat may be many, many things, and do many, many things that I do not particularly like, but this… this is pretty awesome guys. This isn’t anti-shippy at all. This is shippy and sweet and subtle in the extreme.

And I love it and I really think you should too <3


OK, I must agree. I am normally anti-Moffat. However I noticed this when I watched the ep, too. My friends watching with me rolled their eyes and laughed at me, but it’s nice to see that someone else noticed it as well. :) Thank you!

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Yup, uh huh. :)

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Doctor Who Tote Bag

My friend and I bought DW fabric and made our own book/tote bags! :)



Here’s a graphic I made for LostinWho’s “The Fallibility of First Impressions.” You can find her wonderful story at Teaspoon here:

Photo credits: Pride & Prejudice, BBC. Mansfield Park, BBC. David Tennant from Children in Need photo.



She’s shaking out the third sugar packet into her cup when the Doctor actually begins to tap his foot. She ignores it, going back for the milk, but he shoves his wrist under nose and tells her if he needed a watch, it would be right there and it would say they’re late.

"I’m almost done! Let me just add one more thing."

He practically groans when she reaches for another wooden stirrer.

"Honestly, I don’t understand why you even need to add anything to your coffee. It’s perfect, just as it is. Like Bridget Jones, but a beverage. You’re the one that made me watch that awful movie, you should at least appreciate the sentiment."

Rose uses a napkin to wipe up the mess she’s made, grabbing a cup sleeve before turning for the door.

She thinks better of leaving at the last second, momentarily ignoring the Doctor as she marches back to the counter.

"Tall coffee, black."

She’s still not said anything to him by the time her new order comes up. She hands it to him and he takes it nervously.

"Drink that."

The Doctor takes a long swig, his face contorting as some of the coffee dribbles out of his mouth.

"This is disgusting!" he says around what remains of the drink.

That is what coffee tastes like. If you’d stop winking at the barista, that is what you would be served. Now come on.”

She waits until they’re back in the TARDIS, the Doctor clawing as his tongue, to explain about decaf.

This is just the greatest! I’m not a coffee drinker and that is exactly why I love this fic. Cuz everyone else I know that is, is totally like this! LOLOLOL Well, maybe not the winking at the barista, but the “enhancing” of the coffee, definitely. Hee!

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Wow. Completely wild that I was watching “Dead Poets Society” when I heard about Robin Williams. What a sad loss.

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It’s heartbreaking every time one of the Doctor’s companions saying what, because you know it’s impossible

Awww. Totally. Sniffle & happy at the same time.

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Only if RTD is in charge and he is not in a lets kill off all my favorite characters mood.

Oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please!!!!!!!! And YES only if RTD & JG were to do it and ONLY them. Moffat cannot have his hands on ANY of Pete’s World. EVER.

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Day After Day AU
↳ New New New Doctor, pt. 4

This is too funny! And it’s totally head-cannon.

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Wow, finally got to watch all of Series #1… in one weekend! Amazing!!!!! Hubby & I LOVED it. I still can’t believe I actually had to wait this long to see it and NOT know any spoilers except Alec Hardy’s illness. LOL