Wow, finally got to watch all of Series #1… in one weekend! Amazing!!!!! Hubby & I LOVED it. I still can’t believe I actually had to wait this long to see it and NOT know any spoilers except Alec Hardy’s illness. LOL


ZIPS Shoes! Anyone remember these? I used to LOVE these… even used to do the little “Zips” foot movement, kinda like Zorro except with your feet instead of a sword. ;)

"I operate on a whole bunch of different levels. Oh! Kind of like a surgeon on an elevator!" -Robin Williams as Mork

"I operate on a whole bunch of different levels. Oh! Kind of like a surgeon on an elevator!" -Robin Williams as Mork

  • Question: Do you ever just get hit with pangs of anger about the 50th anniversary? - Anonymous
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    tbh I kind of forget about it lol. It’s so far from how I personally interpreted the Time War shenanigans that I discount it from my headcanon. As far as I’m concerned:

    • The Moment used Bad Wolf’s/Rose’s image to try to persuade him not to kill the Time Lords, yet failed to do so because the Doctors realised they had to do it because a) they can’t rewrite their own person history like that and b) they can’t just remove Gallifrey and hope the Daleks die in their own crossfire because c) the Time War wasn’t just some simple laser battle on the soil/in the skies of Gallifrey but existed in many corners of time and space, affecting many different species and d) the Time Lords were very corrupt by this point, at least the High Council were, and needed to be stopped; the Doctor unfortunately had to sacrifice the children/innocent Gallifreyans along with the corrupt ones to end it
    • and e) the Moment was just using the image of Bad Wolf/Rose as a cheap manipulation ploy, not because Bad Wolf actually had anything to do with it
    • Also, in my mind, the three Doctors hit the big red button together after Clara says something like at least the different versions of him can shoulder the load a bit in that moment
    • But whilst Hurt’s Doctor remembers this, the other two have to forget because timelines
    • Oh! And in my head, both versions of Elizabeth I we saw? Both Zygons. The real Elizabeth only shouts ‘off with his head’ in The Shakespeare Code because, when she defeats the imposter Liz and gets back to her throne, she sees that portrait of them being ~married and hates him for almost besmirching her reputation 
    • Also Hurt!Doctor doesn’t regenerate at the end of the episode in my head, because it makes no sense, as he says he’s 800 but Nine says he’s 900 in Rose, and there is no way in hell you are going to get me to believe that Nine wandered around for a century without catching sight of himself in the mirror. And no one’s gonna give me the ‘the doctor lies’ bullshit either, ta
    • I mean if we’re getting really technical with regards to how far away the 50th was from what I wanted, then Hurt!Doctor wasn’t 8.5 at all, but actually a future him (because I liked him! He was funny [and the one I liked best of all three of them but that’s delving into 10&11’s characterisation stuff which is another kettle of fish altogether] I just didn’t like how he replaced Paul Mcgann) and so in my version 8 actually pressed the button with Ten and Eleven
    • Conclusion: the Time Lords  are still dead, the 2.47 billion maypole children didn’t exist anyway (because how can such a long-lived species with a relatively small population have 2.47 billion children on that planet at one time?? More like 2.47 million. Not dancing around a maypole, either. More like, staring into the vortex and going mad or running away)
    • So basically, if the Time Lords to come back, or if there’s an ongoing plot about the Doctor ~finding Gallifrey again, then I’m gonna reinvent the reason for that in my head to fit in line with my 50th headcanon. Something like, they got back via person/reason x y z, something akin to how they did before, in The End of Time, by using the Master, rather than ‘yay the doctor didn’t really kill them !!111’
    • Honestly I would like it much better if there were a story where the Doctor discovered a lost colony of Gallifreyans who had set up home on a different planet somehow somewhere, having survived the Time War, like the colony in fadewithfury's Human Nature AU Bring Down the Sky. I feel like that would be a much more poignant way for the Doctor to discover he’s not alone/didn’t kill all of them in the end. Much more poignant than simply rewriting canon, at least

    This is just brilliant. I was having pangs myself for some reason the other day about the (stupid writing of the) 50th and this made me feel better. I totally agree.

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Films - I am Second

Very inspiring! I was especially encouraged by “The Robertsons” video. Reminding me that I let myself be too influenced by people’s opinions/expectations of me instead of by Jesus. :) Not that I don’t want to influence people for good, but just that their opinions shouldn’t be the end-all-be-all of my life. Jesus’ opinion of me is where it really counts.


That’s My King!

Visuals set to the audio of the famous sermon “Seven Way King” (aka That’s My King) as spoken by Dr. S.M. Lockridge. The audio is slightly edited for a better flow in the video.

Photo Set

Tried out this recipe for Easter:

They took a bit to make but were a big hit, so I had to take pics of my hard, but fun, work.

  • Question: Babyfic prompt: any!doctor rose, baby's heartbeat(s) - kilodalton
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    All Ages, baby!fic, fluffiness. 499.

    The Doctor curled around Rose, as she rested on her back, his ear pressed to the gentle swell of her stomach. Her fingers toyed with his hair, soft and thick, the day leaving very little product leftover from the morning, as his fingers traced absentminded patterns on her skin.

    It was something this new him did that she didn’t remember before. She was a foot-tapper and leg-bouncer when she was trying to concentrate. He, on the other hand, traced patterns on whatever surface was available when even being still was distracting. It seemed to have a calming effect on him, the same way playing with his hair had a calming effect on her.

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    This is YES. This is IT. Totally happening in Pete’s World.

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Why is it that people complain constantly about how RTD “kept bringing Rose Tyler back” because she came back in season four, but not about Captain Jack, who came back for the season three AND four finales?
Yeah, clearly no weird double standard there.

Yep, totally. :) Aaaaaannndd… Micky came back, Jackie came back, “Pete” came back, Sarah Jane came back, Martha came back, even Donna technically came back after her spot in Runaway Bride.

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